The Prince of Las Vegas

It’s seventies Vegas. Amid the glitz, neon lights, poker players, and flood of cash, Jack Romano, a well respected self-made casino owner and patriarch, has died. His only son, Nick, arrives home for the funeral and discovers that the death may not have been so accidental. Now he must decide what to do about Claudio, an ambitious, seasoned mobster who is also his dad’s so-called business partner. Complications arise as Nick finds himself falling in love with Rosalie, the daughter of one of Claudio’s crew. Nick must not only save his family’s casino business, but also his dad’s hoard of silver, amassed over decades, and stashed in the casino’s basement vaults.

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Praise for The Prince of Las Vegas

“The only thing missing are the cement shoes. Malanaphy’s tumultuous and thrilling ride through the wise-guy back rooms of not-so-old Las Vegas is a sometimes funny, sometimes not, but always captivating whodunnit that’ll keep you turning the pages. The Prince of Las Vegas has it all: Romance, mystery and a fresh take on a Cosa Nostra-esque underworld where behind every poker table there’s a mobster looking to grab the great, late Jack Romano’s loot. If you can’t read this well-honed mobster thriller without cheering on the good guys and boo-hissing the bad ones, well … fuhgeddaboudit!” – Andy Scontras, author of When You Are Strange


“A well written, nostalgic and fun, Vegas crime thriller. Malanaphy’s novel does not disappoint!” – Gary Braver, author of Tunnel Vision.


“Would make a great Scorsese or Tarantino movie.” – Douglas Corleone, author of Good As Gone.